About Lotus Enclave

Only those with the understanding of ultimate luxury can appreciate the true art of indulgence, its distinct features, its subtleties, its grace. It is this understanding of luxury that draws the line between comfort and sheer opulence. Welcome to a world where luxuriating is a way of life.

Welcome to the Lotus Enclave, a 17 acre project with 300+ units of 2/3 BHK villas. A legacy in luxury is born in BBD Green City. A rare collection of uber indulgent villas enveloped with the best that money can buy and subtle elegance that money just can’t. Lotus Enclave is as exclusive as it gets.

Viraj Lotus Maps and Plans

At Lotus Enclave, one thing you will always have in abundance is your space. Right from the beautiful drawing room that extend a warm welcome to your guest to gleaming kitchen area that makes cooking more fun, besides offering everyone the individual space they need.

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